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To entertain, educate, motivate and inspire children,

and all people through his writings to be successful.

BJ’S parents were sharecroppers, While he was attending high school he sold papers and shined shoes to buy his own clothes. He became an auctioneer at the age of twelve. While attending school he joined the Boy Scouts Of America. After he joined the Senior Boy Scouts and served one year he became a Senior Patrol Leader. After serving in this position for one year he joined the United States Navy.
BJ has retired as a Chief Petty Officer after serving 20 years in the US Navy,  Retired from a major southern city with over one million population after serving 21 years working up from an electronic/electrical technician retiring as an electronic/electrical superintendent. He has finished his forth and fifth career as a licensed real estate agent and an auctioneer. BJ has had six of his poems published in local papers. He has been writing poems, short stories and motivational power phrases for over 10 years. His children’s book “friends forever” is available on line and at all major book outlets, or by using his web site, or by typing in the address bar Billy Joe (BJ) Cate. BJ'S experiences and some his background is out line in the introduction in all four of his books.  BJ believes that those who choose to read and study these four books subjects are self image, motivation, leadership and setting goals with two hundred and fifty of his motivational power phrases written on each book’s subject. This  will give you the tools and  how to develop your own tailor made system so you can become successful in business, in your profession or what ever you may choose in life that you would like to accomplish. BJ believes you can become successful, do you believe it?
Today BJ and his wife have been married for 61 years and from their four children they are now great, great grand parents.

BJ has developed a proven system that can be use to achieve what ever level of success you may desire. Whether it be your goals, dreams, your business, your profession or job. he has over seventy years of experience in many areas such as sales, speaking,
teaching, training, owning his own businesses just to mention a few. He and his wife Theresa developed a successful part time catalog order/internet business that spanned a twenty years. BJ has well over seventy years experience especially in the subjects of his four books. Their titles are, “Self Empower Your Self Image Skills””Self Empower Your Motivational Skills", “Self empower Your Goal Setting Skills" and “Self Empower Your Leadership Skills." in these four books is his proven formula, and the tools you can use to build and develop your own personal system to fit your wants and needs so you can achieve what ever you would like to accomplish. 

These four books are due to be on line and they are scheduled to be at all major book outlets in October All will be posted on ( and his blog)  These books all have the formula and tools so you can design your own system to be successful.
BJ did it, why not you?